My name is Justin, and this is my Castle.  Here I keep all my Robots, both finished and unfinished.  Well okay, they’re not really robots, and this isn’t really a castle.  By castle I mean development blog and by robots I mean projects, advice, resources and various other development things I do by myself or with partners. Usually this has to do with technology for games, but it also includes board games, and other times it’s just [drunken] ramblings.

To the right you will find my archives. It is not much right now, but will be growing. Also to the right you will find my most recent posts. If you have questions, concerns, ingrown nose hairs, suggestions, smelly feet, headaches, vision impairment, indigestion or any other possible things you wish to tell me, you may try to contact me via Facebook, Email, or Skype(Justin Macanufo).